ExOne 3D Metal Printer

The Innovent+ is designed to reliably produce functional parts in a variety of materials, including metal, ceramics and composite materials. The latest version of Innovent+ is easy to use and features state-of-the-art recoating technology, allowing for the widest range of materials to be printed and producing the most consistent and uniform print bed.

Build Dimensions
160 x 65 x 65 mm (6.3 x 2.5 x 2.5 in.)

Layer Thickness
30 - 200 μm

Print Resolution
30μm voxels

Max. Throughput
10 in3/hr
0.676L41 in3

Minimum Powder Size

External Dimensions
1,203 x 1,016 x 1,434 mm (47.4 x 40.0 x 56.5 in.)

Electrical Requirements
120V 1-phase 60Hz 
230V 1-phase 50Hz
500kg (1,100 lbs)

Binder Systems
Aqueous, Solvent, Phenolic

System Benefits
  • Prints the widest range of standard MIM powders
  • Prints metal, ceramic, composite and other powder materials
  • Patented ultrasonic dispensing technology that improves powder flow
  • Exclusive spreading and compacting system that improves final part density
  • Improved print speed controls
Binder Systems
AquaFuse   |   CleanFuse   |   FluidFuse   |   PhenolFuse