Company WWM

As member of WM group, WWM was founded in 2014 and is one of the world's leading manufacturer of PCB laminating lines. Since the foundation, WWM has already supplied several production lines for the PCB industry.

Patent technologies

Design and manufacture of multilayer vacuum press and press for CCL with new developed technologies, for example no friction loading and unloading of the press (Utility Model Patent, Patent No.: ZL 2014 2 0693234.4). The quality of design and execution of the machine results in high reliability and durability. 

Support roller installed at the side of press  
During loading and unloading only rolling friction exists between the carrier and heating plates, causing no metal particles for long time use.
•press can be kept clean
•maintain the parallelism of heating platen of the press

Main Product
Multilayer Vacuum Press

Multilayer vacuum press are used for PCB lamination and electronic parts. The main application is the lamination of multilayer, FR4 base CCL, paper and glass fiber laminates, bakelite laminates and so on.

Special Features

1. Press frame is designed as bolted construction with form-fit connection results in high accuracy and reliability.
2. The control system is based on WINDOWS 7 and Intouch. The software is a high-performance system for operation observation and detection of machine data.
3. Hydraulic parts are from reliable supplier of USA and Europe. Hydraulic system with Accumulator ± 1 bar results in high reliability and durability.
4. Heater and Secondary heating device are using KSB pump and ARI valves. The heat exchanger is designed as U-form steels tubes.
5. Vacuum can be achieved by one by one oil pump or as centralized water ring pump in combination with Roth pump.
6. MES system can be supplied to realize automated production with zero operator.

Successful Cases
Chongqing Zhonglei Tech. Co., Ltd.

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.22 Research Institute

Jiang Men LH Precision PCB Ltd.

Huangshi Xipu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fastprint Circuit Tech Co.,Ltd.